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So, this is what it is like when you give computers to monkeys. Also the employer should sue too. Susan lucci tits. Alicia lynch naked. Losing her job and learning that her insensitive mocking of people who were hurt and died in a terrorist attack is not appropriate is a good life lesson.

Are you guys serious? Death threats and harassing of her parents should absolutely not happen. Do you really need this explained to you again? Your argument is invalid and the only reason it makes sense to you is because you are speaking from a deeply entrenched bias. Please get the fuck over it. Comparing Kate Upton to your average year old skank in the midwest is like comparing a Lamborghini to a souped up Pontiac G6.

You feel someone with their own view should lose their life? How is her freedom of speech being affected? And then go on to say that Alex should basically end up in a morgue. In some of the photos, the young brunette is seen topless or covering her breasts with her hands. Of course this woman posting pics like that since it is public well that is her fault. Though as Americans we have a right to say, publish or practice whatever we desire, within the law of course, most of us are not responsible enough to wield that freedom in an effective way.

Everyone needs to get a clue on humanity. Fucking girls each other. I was just curious. The account was suspended again on Sunday, but then relaunched with the Tweets shielded from public view. Check out Kate Upton if you are partial to the well endowed.

My sis works for Dept of Child and Fams in one of the most dangerous cities. And people have plenty of time to waste sitting on twitter making death threats, its ridiculous. This hurt the victims so bad and so did it when some people stood up for her and said it was ok for her to make fun of what happened to them. Actually its NOT… you are interpreting what you think he said. I rank stupid worse than bad judgement. Click Here to comment on this article.

There is no freedom of speech anymore dude. Dmitry Vitamin D Owens. In closing however I must agree with the world becoming far too invasive.

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What could we learn by her reason to dress up like that? The bottom line here is that we would all be a lot better off if we were more capable of stopping for a minute, and thinking. Why is it okay to be insensitive just because the first amendment protects freedom of speech?

You know what is also stupid and vile is the fact that some human beings believe that they are honoring those victims who were killed, by calling death and grievous bodily harm. Amy anderson nude pic. Alicia lynch naked. People are outraged over that as well, and rightfully so. It is all the upsetment that the political spectrum has put forth that has the citizens upset so they scape goat the woman. Thirdly, these things are done in America NOT because there is no shame, but because our culture fails to treat other people as human beings.

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There is no constitutional amendment protecting your ego from criticism. Comparing Kate Upton to your average year old skank in the midwest is like comparing a Lamborghini to a souped up Pontiac G6. Sure, she has freedom of speech, but where does the Constitution say that Americans have freedom from backlash? Tats on a girl are sexy, All but the tramp stamp. In other words …what the F are you talking about?

She dressed up as a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombings. She has the freedom to experience the repercussions of her speech. Free naked and funny. I like her style. None of this statement has anything to do with death threats or violence. Get her Elijah Wood!!!!!! Where do you people draw the line between teaching someone a lesson and bullying them?

Remember Time Magazine put one of the killers on its front page. Who I feel sorry for in all of this is her parents and her family. Lisa Ann school fuck. She still pretty hot tho. Signs a woman is lesbian. It was ONE shitty move. This was a terrorist attack on defenseless people. Wh provided her cellphone pix? This has nothing to do with being politically correct. College Anne Lee at the backseat banging doggystyle. I will not waste my time with you so if you reply to this comment then you will be ignored.

In no way is this costume funny or even mildly entertaining.

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Flat tits fuck Wow, what a coward. The ppl who make the threats are no better than the guys who planted the bomb. By BsCbandit09 Started 5 hours ago.
Siri suxxx lesbian It just is a totally illogical argument. Her motivation is completely immaterial. On another website, I saw some local news station interviewing a woman who dressed her young son as a KKK member for Halloween.
Beautiful black girl gets fucked hard Dressing up like one of the victims is tacky, insensitive and just mean spirited. Last time I checked we were living in the UniteStates where we have the right to speak how we like, write we like and dress how we want.

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